"Cecilia's track record speaks for itself!...Passion for her clients is what drives this success. She never settles for mediocre. It is only the best for her clients."

- K Goeggel, Sr District Manager

"Cecilia is a God send...She's a life saver! Always in our corner. Takes great care of our crazy employees and me. You should hire her!"

- M Garrard-Swift, CEO

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"Night and day! That's the difference that Cecilia has made in just a few months. The changes are enormous. Cecilia delivers everything she claims to do, but in spades: Helped us cut costs, navigate health care reform, communicate better with our employees, understand our options, and lots more. She's extremely proactive and a really fun person to work with."

- G Hayman, Director


You've asked questions. We have answers.

How do we know if our benefits package will help us to retain or recruit top talent?  The right programs can help you to attract and retain the highest quality of employees, which translates to financial rewards to your company. Inferior or mismatched programs are a hidden financial drain that do not resonate as meaningful to your employees. It is important to understand what the benchmark is for your industry as well as for your applicant pool. 

What can we do about rising healthcare costs?  Employee benefits are the second or third largest expense for most business owners. Plan design and vendor assessment is an obvious place to start, which can result in significant changes. It is important to do a full market analysis every year to make sure that your benefit dollars are achieving optimum results. If you are a large employer, you have additional options available to you which may include utilization analysis, consumer-driven health plans, financial incentives for preferred behaviors, resources for your most expensive health care consumers and wellness programs. Find strategies that fit your culture; some will work well, while others may take longer to implement. Before you know it, your results will be measured through a disciplined approach that yields long-term benefits.  


How can we improve employee satisfaction with our benefits package?

1) Right sizing your benefits to your industry and applicant pool. 

2) Implement a communication strategy to improve employee perception.

3) Provide employees with a resource to help employees to understand their benefits, resolve claims issues and to ensure a smooth experience when accessing health care.